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The apothecarist has skills in herbology and toxicology, and gathers the ingredients for, and makes the medicines used by the populace. Sometimes the apothecarists work out of their homes, but more often they work out of a shop. Usually, the apothecarist has minimal healing skills, if any, and their living is made selling medicines to healers and the average person.

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An apothecarist will need cooking utensils, jars, bowls and other cookware as well as a good store of herbs, animal fat and other ingredients.

Attributes and Skills

Attention is a key attribute for creating and cooking up medicines and toxins as well as the skills herbology and toxicology. For those that dabble in healing as well, the healing skill, along with Memory and Intuition attributes are important.

Game commands

The primary commands an apothecarist would use would be the 'make' command to create medicines and toxins and the 'taste' command to taste items for poisons. Those that have the Healing skill will also use the 'diagnose' command to discern the cause of their patient's illnesses before proscribing treatement.

Suggested Roleplay Ideas

Apothecarists are much needed in Firan as they are the makers of common teas and tinctures needed to treat most wounds. Many apothecarists are employed by the Fifth division to create the huge quantities of medicine needed for the yearly war season, others work with the Urtenian Order of Healers to make supplies for the many healers there and many simply work out of their homes or shops to provide teas and cures to those in need. One thing is certain though - people are getting hurt on Firan all the time!

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