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Celebrating 17 Years of Adventure and Scheming!

Firan was developed in 1997 and has been continuously active since then.

What's Hot?

We're adding content here all the time! From time to time, we'll add links to pages that we're working on so you know about something new or special. The newest items appear at the top of the listing.

Since 2011, the Wizards have published a game-wide monthly newsletter, submitted with articles by the playerbase at large. For more information about the newsletter and how to submit articles, check out Monthly Newsletter.

The Current Events link in the Navigation panel at the left of every page now links to the game event calendar.

A Fond Farewell

All good things must come to an end. After over 16 RL years and 46 game time years, Firan has closed. We thank all of the players and staff for so many years of play and hope that anyone who wishes to continue to keep touch with friends to join us at the FiranCommunity found at the same portals that the game has been on. You are welcome to make a character, build rooms and even continue to rp without the code and staff to assist.


The city is in an uproar over the actions of Cersei Shadina. In an attempt to secure a festival prize for herself, she ended up sleeping with one of the pentathalon winners, Mer Evius. Now she's been sent to join the Honoria's and the city waits to hear what will become of Evius for this misuse of the festival prize.

Evius certainly is making a name for himself. After the botched attempt to give the prize to Cersei, he gave it to Zeythri Istaneysani instead, breaking up his own clan leader's engagement in the process. Things are not looking up for the Griffon Mer!

If you haven't had a chance to see, take a look at our Character Generation List. These are the characters coming to the game in early 2015. It's hard to believe the year end is coming around again!


Spring is in the air! The clans have all moved to Sarkaran to enjoy the Spring_Festival_61_A.U. hosted by Princesses Tia and Phoebe. Who will be the big winners of this year's Pentathlons and what prize will they choose, only time will tell.


Recently, it was discovered that the Ticanee Clan's economics minister had signed a contract giving away a large amount of forest to loggers for a low price. Further investigation determined that, at least in the eye of the Ticanee Clan, there was a special beaver on the land and any attempts to deforest would certain be its end. The Ticanee believed it was a simple matter to move the beaver, after replacing their Minister of Economics very swiftly. That is until zealot priests of the monotheistic temple showed up to make a claim on this animal. Now, the status of this poor mammal hangs unknown as of yet as Ticanee Shaman and Priests of Zutiv square off.


A very large number of characters from the roster had their requirement for an application dropped, making it much easier for any players to return and hop right back into the action of the ongoing plots of Firan, and there's quite a number that have happened during April.

Mes Odoni's execution for the death of Clan Leader Sholisa's husband provided the catalyst for Proxy Arosan to call for a vote of no confidence in the Eagle clan leader, forcing the Clan Council to find the Eagle clan lacked the authority to replace their clan leader at whim. The announcement of Cersei's return to the Eagles created an angry mob of Gold Dragons to form, and her eventual arrest by the Inquisition. Along with a new High General, bandits around Sarkaran that brought the Gold Dragons and Cockatrice to the brink of war, these are just a few of the plots awaiting players.


The new character generation list for the next set of chargens has been made! See who you have to look forward joining the grid in the next year. Take a look at Character Generation Master List to see who have been chosen. A final character will be chosen this year by raffle. Each raffle ticket can be purchased for 2 cp.

With Sholisa's rise to Clan Leader of the Eagles, the Crafter's Guild a new Guild Master has taken over. Shade is in the process or reorganizing with Sideria as her Deputy. New Master Craftsmen have been established and change is in the air for the guild as a whole.

War season has come and gone! The Firan army have fought valiantly at Fort Defiance and around the Shamibelian North Shore city of Perindra. The results of the army's victories and painful losses can be found here, War_Season_2013

Have you ever wanted to cook like a Firan? Check out Firan_Food_Blogging and join in the March Challenge! Tasty choices include Spinach Pies, lobster bisque, and blackberry crisps!


The new characters have hit chargen and many of them are now on the grid! Take a look at Diana, Arcturus, and Lune to see just a few of them!

War Season begins on Sunday, February 16th at 8:30.

There is a new batch of characters that will be available for application starting 02/07/2014 by 2 PM EST. We will leave applications open for one week. New Chargens 2014 for a list of all the characters


RP Lite ended January 5th, at 11:59 PM EST.

The Firan Staff is hard at work with the end of rp lite and have listed all their Staff Priorities for This Week. Several new trainees have been hired and they are drumming up all sorts of activity!

The death of Lord Taleo Teranzik has the Republic in mourning for their former Viceroy.


During RP Lite, the players participated in the Olympics. Foods from foreign nations were provided and characters tested their mettle in a variety of events.


Some changes to horses are coming soon. Horse riding will no longer cause damage, but higher levels of riding will be required to participate in events like chariot racing or horse races.

The FiranMUX staff is holding a code competition. Do you know softcode and want to participate? Take a look at the rules. Successful entries have a chance at adding a tavern or festival game to FiranMUX!


Curious about Clan Leaders past and present? You can find out all you would like to know here about Medallions.


The Temple of Firanos stands for peace and diplomacy for the Firans. His favorite color is green and he appreciates gifts to those less fortunate. His priests often stand for diplomatic relations, spreading the word, peaceful action, or defending the weak.


This month there's news on the Crafter's Guild. This group was formed with the goal to support crafters, maintain quality, and give crafters a forum to solve disputes.

When players earn a six in a skill, this is called a legendary skill. Take a look at this page to see how legendary skills are gained and who has earned a legendary.


This year, the Spring Festival was hosted a little later than usual. There were the normal games, pentathlons, and praise for Lady Eesha, but they concluded with a surprise - not one, but two commoners chose marriage prizes this year, joining the ranks of the nobility even as they married for love!

Curious how to manipulate 256 color text? Take a look at Guide to 256 Colors!


This year war season will consist of missions run approximately one a month throughout the year with a big push occurring in October. The first war mission of this season kicked off on June 5th when brave soldiers entered Perindra to investigate a giant statue of Ylathim that seems to cry tears of blood. Players eagerly await to see what the outcome of this mission will bring to them.

Interested in how we Gamemaster? Take a look at Staff GM Guidelines.

In Firan culture, bodies are to be given a proper funeral in which the body is burned. When a body is not given this ritual, it is considered the victim of soul death.

Also of interest this month, there is lots of talk about the old party of the city, outside the walls. For more information, see The Old City.


Ever wonder what the Firan shops are and who owns them? Check out more information on Anarinuell Shop Owners.


Ever wonder what happens when the Firans believe someone has been cursed by the gods? Check out A Curse of Flies.


Recently, Lady Nilara was involved in a scandal in which she let the blood of her baby on the altar of Drik. This ended with an altercation in the Ticanee Elianik household in which Nilara disappeared leaving behind the corpse of their daughter Amori, who had her throat cut.

For his part, Rislan Elianik stepped before the mob and declared himself a new Republic leader while at the same time accusing the Ticanee Clan and Bear Clan of conspiring against the Republic. He fled to the woods and was captured by the Ticanee. A group of men and woman in green and black attempted to intervene, but Rislan would not leave his surrender, and he ended up poisoned. His body now resides in the Temple of Unot.

Every wonder how the Eagles went from a inheritance clan leader to democracy? Check out Eagle History.

About @911s is a chat between a wizard and players about using our 911 command. A good read to learn more about when 911 can and should be used!


Wondering what things a noble might do or how they spend their day? Take a look at this Discussion on Noble Days.

Gladiator games have received much attention lately as they have decided to do some more risky fights. Want to know more about gladiators? Take a look at our wiki page.


As we approach the end of RP Lite, the pace is starting to pick up again. The Olympics will be soon, and the Spring Festival not that much longer after that. To see Festivals past, check out the recently revamped Spring Festival 55 A.U. page!

In other news, there are Welcome Centers for each Clan that help a new player get integrated with their Clan, and fit into roleplay more smoothly. Take a look at the Ticanee Clan Welcome Center, also recently updated! There are Centers by clan, easily found by searching for Welcome Center in the main search functionality. Enjoy!


RP Lite will be starting on December 1, 2012 and lasting until January 9, 2012. Please read up more about it in our OOCPM Hour on RP Lite

Players have recorded many fascinating logs documenting Remembrance Day. Feel free to read over all the great RP!


Fall Festival 56 A.U. planning has begun with the naming of the Festival Coordinators. Prince Aethyrik Istabelik and Lady Elene Ista Aldrik will be coordinating the massive event. For more information check out the wiki page!

Remembrance Day is nearly upon us! It will begin Friday night around midnight on the 27th and continue until Sunday. Come rp with the dearly departed, and check out Remembrance Day.

War Season has ended! Check the links and information on War Season 2012 for the scoop on what the Firans accomplished, and what they were up against.


War Season has started! Deployment has begun and missions will begin the week of 10/01/2012. If you are interested in finding information about War Season, please take a look at War Season 2012. A list of intriguing submitted missions is also available.


After the recent Hydra clan civil war a new clan leader emerged as Adelik Istabelik killed his father Amenik and took the medallion. For the entire story check out Firistan's Stand.

Lots of roleplay has been around the noble military decision for nobles to enter the Republic military at Centurion rank. A simple decision has blossomed into possible civil war within the Hydra Clan. Speaking of clan leader changes, some great information about medallions is on the wiki!

The Eagle Clan Elections are over! Clan Leader Daranos leads the clan for another six years, and a new Delegate, Danica Senteri, has been elected! Check out the Eagle Clan Election Page for more information!

Coming Soon! The new Gossip System is going through it's initial introduction. Check out the wiki page for a sneak peek of what this exciting revamp will mean for you!


Social points have been deflated by a factor of 10. Along with this, staff has created some new Social Standards.


There is a new family that has moved to Anarinuell - the Senteri family of the Eagle clan is settling in and looking to make new acquaintances! Of a group of Eagles now referred to as Patricians, these well-to-do merchants are in a class by themselves. Check out the hubbub on the wiki, and find them in game to see what's going on in with this democratic bunch.

There is new theme being developed to allow the Old City to expand their territory. While the requirements are still in progress, details can be found here.


In the month of May, the Temple of Elik put on a great prank to amuse and appease their god on behalf of the Firan people. This prank came as a solution to the Gods Challenges.

Have you ever wondered what you can use an attribute for? Check out more here at What are Attributes Good For‎.

Our new legendary skills process allows players to use their role-play history to earn skills at level 6, above the usual max of level 5. We recently added a process by which a character may earn a second legendary skill. While players are not required to save logs, be sure to save notes of your legendary scenes so they can be included in your legendary write up.

The Eagle Clan may be preparing to issue a new constitution. Details of the ongoing work can be found at Eagle Constitution Proposal.

FiranCon recently occurred. Check out the wiki to see what happens at FiranCon and consider attending next year!


Dogs seem to be all the rage this season! Lady Rasha Didoron has graciously held an auction for charity with her track hounds, and these fine puppies and others are seen most recently around the city! For more information on all the work that goes into breeding these animals, check out these two new wiki pages!

It has been announced that Cecilia will have her coronation as the Cockatrice Clan Leader. This event will take place on March 7th, 2012 at 8:30PM EST in the throne room of the Cockatrice Plaza. The people wonder if Prince Nydias, or Princess Anais will take over from her since both have pasts to move away from.


The Clan Council announced that they had reached an agreement to postpone the ratification of the Constitution by 2 RL weeks. The more shocking and unexpected news from the Clan Council was that they are re-instating the position of Acting Queen to help improve the morale of the Republic as a whole. Several names were put forward and will be considered. Finally, the Clan Council deferred any decisions about Nazeera until the Religious Council meets on it.

Nazeera Rissik returned to Anarinuell, much to the surprise of the Chimerans. She went directly to the Forum and made a speech accusing Inaya Elikista, former Clan Leader of the Chimera Clan, of soul murder of Delrosa.

As the dust settles from the Gold Dragon unrest, and the Ladies Ellia Teranzik and Tanya Oshta are rescued and returned safely to Anarinuell, the city settles and life begins to return to normal.

Check out the new Clan Leadership code! This is an interesting way to get people involved in the governance of the various Clans, creating exciting opportunities for people to rise dramatically - or fall scandalously! Most recently, the Ticanee clan has had a problem with their health - and now there is a disease in far-off Vahloria that is starting to spread to the lands here in Anarinuell. What will they do?


We are now out of RP Lite and into the Firan Olympics of 54 A.U.!

We have a few new pages for players to review and utilize.

Want More? Check out our What Was Hot - The Archive Edition

Firan is an online role-playing game (RPG) that blends various elements: primarily an RPG environment with a touch of a coded MUD feel, and hints of ideas from computer video games like Civilization and Colonization, SimCity, and Populous. However, the real aim of Firan is to provide a rich play environment that encourages role-playing and storytelling. The game helps players role-play in a number of ways. This site describes our game.

Check out the August 2013 newsletter here!

Lost? Check out the hierarchical categories or see what's hot!

Palace District Weekend

Occasionally, we designate a weekend as a "Palace District Weekend." Over that weekend, we expect players to role-play in the Palace District as much as possible. This gives players an excuse to bump into people with whom they might not normally interact. For more information, please see On My Way to the Forum.

There is currently no Palace District Weekend scheduled.

Featured Article: Staff Priorities for This Week

Staff Meeting February 11 2014

No meeting held in order to GM.

Staff Meeting February 3 2014

We discussed our plans for February 2014 that we would like to accomplish:

  • War Season 2014
  • Each wizard will GM one plot (this plot may be War related and part of war season)
  • Update the PHer Duties Wiki page
  • Guild list for Crafters Guild
  • Update to fishing code
  • Make it easy to clone and destroy NPCs for horde creation
  • Item Upkeep Code
  • Hydra/Eagle GMing
  • Increase Roster Death Rate
  • Remove importance prompt from speech code
  • Design room decoration code
  • Functionalize damage to reduce perception of damage lag in combat
  • Prevent @zap/all from zapping a room
  • Prevent @zap/all from zapping child objects
  • Update news legendaries
  • Continued work on new Jobs system

Staff Meeting January 27 2014

The following occurred at the last wizard staff meeting:

  • We finished discussing one remaining wizard application.
  • We had a good discussion about the steps we take to correct player behavior. In general, in case players weren't aware, for any single instance that breaches policy or generally accepted community behavior, we try to take it through a process of warning, then docks, then breaks from the game (if anything becomes that severe).
  • We checked in about our month end projects and made sure everyone had the assistance they need to complete them.
  • We gave out badges to the staff.

Staff Meeting January 20 2014

We discussed builder/trainee applications and added seven new trainees.

Staff Meeting January 13 2014

War Season

The war season GM this year will be Shelly and she is putting together her crack team of war GM experts to bring a delightful war season experience. Throughout January, we will be finishing up the planning for this event.


Staff plans to work this week on finishing all the socials left over November and RP Lite.

Hiring Staff

We are moving forward on our effort to hire more staff. More to come on this, but we expect to get some new blood in the next week or two.

January Projects

  • Job 12518 - War Room Code
  • 5 Bonus Tinyplots
  • ~40 Chargens
  • War Season Preparation
  • Public chats with players
  • Jobs 2.0
  • Close up Fall Festival

Staff Meeting January 6 2014

The look of 2014. Last night, I had the very awesome opportunity to meet with the Firan staff to talk about the previous year and plan for the next year. The changes and vision I present this year are not as visually startling as Kinslayer or surprising as removing land income; I think these ideas that we have put together are the right vision for us right now in January 2014. In fact, this is a complete summary of what we discussed at the wizard only staff meeting which we are now sharing with the player base. The year 2013 held some of the best times I can recall. At 8 am, some of them that come to mind is the boy who could freeze things, Anish, and the broken wall. They include reducing the database and fixing the follow code to have ninety percent less lag than the years before. We also want to be honest that there were seven or eight months in the last year to which many things contributed to burn out. Our vision for 2014 is built on the things we enjoy and the recovery of enthusiasm. We are pretty excited about it, though players might find it less flashy than previous years, and we hope that you will be as excited as we are.

The Basic Vision

There are lots of things Firan staff do and they are very important. These range from many things, including coding, dealing with player discipline, or handling administrative requests. However, and I've long believed this is true in theory, GMing and story telling is the most important thing that we do. We could let a requests for a name change sit for thirty days, and I think players would be relaxed about this, as long as we are bringing story to the table.

In addition, we learned that a four month goal is simply too long. For one, players don't see work so they feel that there is no momentum. People are more likely to complete successfully a goal that is due in thirty days than a long term goal of even four months. Because of this, we have opted to cancel the four month goals. In place of this, every staff member is making a goal they can complete by 01/31/2014. When we know what these are, I will definitely share them. Staff members must pick these at our next meeting, which is Monday.

I also believe that having a presence as a staff on the game is just as important as our other functions. I think being available, which is not the same thing to me as answering requests though it could be, is an important piece to the puzzle. Maybe, we are just available to talk about a movie on public, but I think that hat often gets lost in the struggle to keep up with the work. And I think if I had to prioritize today, I would rather staff make the choice between using an evening to make a connection versus using an evening to handle administration.

Current Staff Members

Last night, we made one year goal and one short term goal for addressing burn out and moving forward. The first thing we decided we must do is clear the slate. While this does not mean prior actions are completely discounted, we have all agreed to push aside things from previous years and let players and staff build their reputations starting with January 9, 2014. I think the most important way to move forward is to determine what worked and what did not when looking backward, and when that's done, stop looking back. We know we can't demand players do this, like we can staff, but we hope that our devotion to this idea will inspire others to take it up as well.

Our short term goal over the next ten days is to simply show up and be here if we achieve nothing else. I asked staff to make themselves present, even if we don't accomplish anything else, we should be on the help channel, guest, public, and clan channels. We just need to put our waders on and jump into it to feel active again and to rebuild the bond we have with this great big project that we all volunteer on.

In addition, each wizard is required to GM once a month. This can be short or long (as short as two hours) and can be as big or small as the GM desires.

New Staff Members

We also believe that we need an influx of new talent to add to our ranks. I don't have details as to when or how we plan to enact this, but we expect to have several new additions to our ranks in the next year to help with the game.

Building a Risk Friendly Community

During Kinslayer, we made a promise to players that we would ensure that players were not criticizing their actions OOC simply because it caused conflict. In a way, we have let that promise to the community slip and we would like to make this promise active again. More than that, we want players and staff to keep a risk friendly community by taking out of character frustrations about character actions and turning them into game moving IC actions. We are taking our Kinslayer promise a step further by not only stopping out of character criticism of other players, but asking players to turn that into something we can all roleplay. This is not the same thing as acting in character due to out of character. Instead, we want players to think about why their own character would want to take action. And in that, realize that people change and unless a sheet very specifically forbids something, many choices are likely on sheet in one way or another.

Taking GM Actions on Players

Since Kinslayer, we have been a bit reluctant at taking actions on players as a complete outside force. If we have a preference and are honest, the best conflicts on Firan usually come from player characters to other player characters. However, we feel the gap that is there when we cannot get players to take that risk. So, we have all agreed that we are going to have to start bringing the hard choices to the players. In some cases, that means we will have to be the NPCs that pressure the theme. And in those cases, there will be GMs acting in a manner that could include devious villains, mobs, or even well-meaning farmers. We hope that our work here will stir people to join in the conflict. But we all lose when people don't feel drawn in emotionally to the story, and the only way to do that, is to make the best use of non-consent we can.

Clan Leader Meetings

We have also agreed to bring the Clan Leaders in for out of character meetings on a regular basis. These would be meetings in which we are asking the Clan Leaders to take on a GM or story telling mind set. Being a Clan Leader is a tough spot. For one, they have to define the culture of the clan for the entire clan. If you have been on Firan for twelve years, this is easier at times. If not, the culture and how to set it might not be so obvious. In addition, the game only works when clans find conflict with each other. Being adversarial in roleplay is tough without some out of character communication on this level. We are asking Clan Leaders in these meetings to plan conflicts in a relaxed environment. We know that there is story pressure not to let everything fall apart that directly conflicts with the out of character desire to have things occur. So in this, we are going to make this something we all work on together and bring to the player base. We will be inviting all eight clan leaders (or the representative proxy).

We will definitely talk more about this in the coming weeks, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to see that we are actively working towards goals as 2014 starts. Happy New Year!

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